Friday, November 10, 2017

Suffercation - Cryptic Existence (1993)

   The Far East is famous about countless things, but metal music is definitely not one of them, especially not death metal. However, it seems like that region also couldn't completely avoid the infestation of the early '90s extreme wave, and a few bands even joined to it, such as Suffercation did in Malaysia.
   The difficulities of recording could be sensed in the poor quality of their albums, like at most not so metal-centric areas, but their second album, "Cryptic Existence" sounds better than how "Day of Darkness" sounded. The Sokol radio impression remained though, but fortunately the distorted sound is mostly not a disadvantage in this genre. Simple themes, intense speed, very deep growling vocal style, and common, fast solos are the main features of the album. The way how they operated with the speed changes, the solo parts and an occasional second vocal, tells about an experienced band and increasing the intensiveness of the album. It's an ideal basic death metal band to introduce the genre in a region far from the main scene.

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