Thursday, January 19, 2017

Oral - Oral Sex (1985)

    There isn't much to know about the girl band Oral, except that they appeared with an EP titled as "Oral Sex" during the NWOBHM, and they were from Brighton UK.
   Their purpose was maybe nothing more than a way to seek for attention by scandalous and provocative  features, but it wasn't a bad idea at all that time, when the stage was ruled only by male rock stars. Except a few crazy exceptions (like Wendy O. Williams), women usually took place only in the audience and in the backstage as gruppies. Probably the situation of the members of Oral wasn't different either, but unlike others, they formed their own sexual message. "Oral Sex" includes most of the actual hard rock/heavy metal influences of the '80s British scene. The direct influence of Motörhead is evident, but the music lacks the intensiveness that made early heavy metal to sound kick ass, even though plenty of great themes could be heard on this short EP. After the lyrics some female sex fiends could be expected (or hoped for), but their performance is more like girly, so the main impression isn't so effective as it should to be. The contrast of the innocent-like surface and the filthy inside was reflected, but in this case the second should be preferred, that's why it's sad that the "really bad bitch" feeling can only partly prevail. Anyway it's a less known and interesting classic of the '80s heavy metal scene!

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