Friday, November 17, 2017

Misery - A Necessary Evil (1993)

   Of course the old school style of death metal was also represented in Australia in high quality, not only it's experimenting forms. Probably Misery was the most reasonable name in this ordinary direction.
   Their debut, "A Necessary Evil" was stunning for a beginning, and included everything why this style could be preferred. Musically they tried to build on more features the same time, it's like a performance of seeking the borders of extremity. The usual intense hammering could heard, such as the slower, or mid speed to express the heaviness of their themes. But raw, chaotic, almost technical tryings also appearing, and they also wanted to reach a definitely sick level too. In lyrics the same diversity could be found, the band covered all common topics, most are like exact references. The album sounds like a little bit of everything, a melting pot of the genre, that shows the important characteristics, so it could be an excellent educaton material for the actual newbies of the local extreme scene.

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