Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Extreme Deformity - Internal (1993)

   As Tormentor was the main reference in black metal for the very small Hungarian underground scene, Extreme Deformity was something similar in death metal.
   The big wave of the early '90s extreme metal wasn't so influental there, partly because of the smaller audience, and partly because of the difficulities of an album release. Extreme Deformity was one of the few who could manage it and could produce reasonable quality by their music. "Internal" was quite raw in themes and sounded rude the same time. Even though the band's name was a reference to Pungent Stench, their music was more similar to the similarly rude and primitive early Polish death metal. Some experimenting ambitions could be sensed, like they tried to operate with more complex themes and lyrical topics, or like occasionally involving clear singing, but the main rawness repressed their effectiveness. Fortunately the insane features are dominating, so an old school rampage should be expected. This album was probably not their ultimate self-expression, but more like a way of path-finding. Similar to Monastery, they tried to return almost a decade later after a name change by joining to the that time actual nu-metal wave, but without any reasonable success.

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