Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Necrony - Pathological Performances (1993)

   Even the title and the visuals leaving no doubts that Necrony was very determined to follow the path of Carcass, the masters of goregrind and ultimate musickness.
   Their one and only full-lenght album may sound nostalgic, because probably Necroticism was their main inspiration. Similar to the third masterpiece of Carcass, the mix of death metal and grindcore is the main feature of "Pathological Performances" with longer song lenghts, and occasional grinding parts. Deep growling vocal style and artificially distorted, animalistic voices causing pleasurable moments, which may referring to the earliest, pure grindcore times. Strong death metal riffs having the main lead, but sometimes short melodic themes appearing too, which are like reminders to the sickest moments of the band's idols. These appearences are unexpected and first may sound weird, like if they would be uncertain and wouldn't be able to fit to the main insanity, but gave an exciting new tone with their '80s-like sound. "Pathological Performances" is a nice reference album in the seek of the most putrid and the filthiest perfection in musical disharmony.

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