Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dissect - Swallow Swouming Mass (1993)

   Dissect is one of the countless and forgotten one-album death metal bands of the early '90s. Similarly to the other Dutch bands of that era, sound and quality they also took seriously, and produced a material that is worthy to take place between the most enjoyable albums of old school death metal.
   In influences their music reminding mostly to the Floridan scene. Some balance between common mid speed and thrash influenced fast hammering, sometimes slower, sometimes almost groovy themes are the main features of their music. In themes they also seemed like to seek some balance by basic riffs and short, melodic solos. The deep growling vocals and gory lyrics adding a sick background to the main view, and referring to Cannibal Corpse, but in general plenty of other bands could be named as non-direct influences. In intensity they are also somewhere in the middle, by trying to build on the contrast of speed changes and evolving the heaviness of the slower parts with the raw brutality of fast hammering. "Swallow Swouming Mass" could be and exciting album for the fans of old school extreme music.

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