Sunday, October 15, 2017

Depravity - Silence of the Centuries (1993)

   Depravity gave an important influence to Finnish death metal with the last act of their short active period.
   "Silence of the Centuries" was an EP only, but it could be an ideal sample to illustrate the features of the local death metal scene, and it's influence could be compared to old Sentenced, Convulse or Demigod. According to the main "concept" of Finnish death metal, not the overwhelming brutality took the leading role, but the catchy themes, and on the side of the putrid sound and cryptic deep growling vocals it's getting the really harsh tone. A dark atmosphere completes the main view by it's melancholic effect. The melodic solo themes partly resulting the same, partly increasing the intensity of the album. For the listener "Silence of the Centuries" opening the forgotten crypts of the underworld by the sinister impression of it's basic intense, hammering based and high quality death metal music. An enjoyable classic of the '90s extreme musickness!

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