Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sad Whisperings - Sensitive to Autumn (1993)

   The more popular, and audience-friendlier way of death/doom is represented by the one and only full lenght album of Sad Whisperings.
   It's a very interesting album in many ways. As the cover arts counts as a perfect example how to not design an album cover, their music shows a positive example: how to perform musical creativity and how to experiment meanwhile. "Sensitive to Autumn" is an exciting and diverse album. The heavy, unfriendly death/doom themes are there such as light melodies, and even a ballad could be found. The vocals are usually deep growling, but clear singing (male and female too) is appearing too. They experimented not only by involving features of differtent genres, but by changing the song structures unexpectedly. Even at their more aggressive performance the lyrics and the main concept staying behind gloomy and emotional borders. Their ambitions, such as some themes and their sound in general referring to old Paradise Lost mostly. However, they filled this one hour long album with so many interesting themes, that there are no boring moments to find.

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