Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pathology - Totall Desecration (1993)

   Pathology had only some damo tapes in the early '90s, and as the old school death metal wave faded, they disappeared as well. But there was something interesting about their music that makes it worthy to write about them.
   Even though they played quite simple and primitive death metal with completetely basic themes and some hammering thrash infuences, their music somehow reminded to goregrind as well on the side of ordinary death metal. That's because of their gore based topics, the very distorted growling vocal style (those are female vocals, that's why they needed to be more distorted, but it woudn't be easy to find out without any backup information), and of course the occasional short grinding parts. The simple basic themes having similar role in the music like the melodic punk/thrash-like introduction parts have at old grindcore bands, but in this case the measure is reversed. So the song structures having the same features, though they resulting something else. To find out how direct ambition was that, remains unclear. Anyway Pathology was an interesting and enjoyable band of the depths of the Dutch underground scene and could be entertaining for the fans of gory music too.

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