Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Decomposed - Hope Finally Died (1993)

   "Hope Finally Died" by Decomposed is another interesting, but sadly underrated classic of death/doom, that could be compared to Winter and Cianide.
   Like most early bands in this style, they had only one full-lenght album, that became a very basic death/doom record by including all important characteristics of the subgenre. Opposed to most late fictions about death/doom as some melodic and emotionally melancholic daydreaming, Decomposed introduced a raw, pure world full of death and decay by their very heavy and depressive music. While most bands focused on simple and slowly repetitive themes to reach an impressive level of heaviness, "Hope Finally Died" is quite diversive in themes, though it fits to the main concept perfectly. It could be a reference to Paradise Lost. Even the vocal style suspects a strong influence, but while their assumed idols were into an intense and chaotic impression with their music, Deccomposed completely focused onto the method of passing away with all of it's demoralizing features.

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