Saturday, September 30, 2017

Acrostichon - Engraved in Black (1993)

    "Engraved in Black" by Acrostichion could be another perfect example of the professionalism that was usual in the Dutch death metal scene.
   Noisy, powerful sound, intense themes, heavy riffs and aggressive impression are the main features of the album. On the side of the most necessary characteristics that are needed to create something impressive in this genre, the other strong point of the album is the band's intense creativity. They filled "Engraved in Black" with a line of awesome themes. It's completely lacks neutral tones, so there are no boring parts to hear at all. The vocal style gave a sick main attitude to the music by it's rude and primitive-sounding style. The interesting thing is that they are female vocals, but it's not similar any other female growlings. The extraordinary style of Corinne van den Brand is strongly reminding to the animalistic vocals of Sempiternal Deathreign. The excellence of "Engraved in Black" could be only compared to the top albums of the death metal "elite".

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