Friday, August 4, 2017

Morgue - Eroded Thoughts (1993)

   Morgue's one and only full-lenght album was one of the countless death metal products of the early '90s. And the band was one of the countless bands who shocked the youth and music junkies of those times with their exaggerated musickness.
   "Eroded Thoughts" inlcudes all important features that could be related to that age and the old school style why this genre could be liked. It's intense, aggressive, putrid and has the atmosphere and awesome feeling that couldn't be reproduced nowadays, and only hardly could be imitated. This elusive feature is hard to be repeated even by bands which keep playing since the early '90s. It's just a characteristic expression of that period, completely bonded to that age and it's main feeling, and as those times passed, the motivating influences were gone too. Fortunatately in the Morgue this unrepeateble act of self-expression was conserved, such as on plenty of other records too. "Eroded Thoughts" is a forgotten, but very awesome classic of the genre.

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