Saturday, July 22, 2017

Magnus - I Was Watching My Death (1992)

   Magnus debuted as a power/thrash band with ordinary heavy metal influences. And as an important founding component of the Polish metal scene in the late '80s.
   Their sound reached better quality with time and their music became more aggressive, influenced by the progression of the main scene. That means the intensity and and pure aggressiveness of death metal was included, but the concept kept lying on the basics of thrash metal. The previous speed/heavy features still could be found occasionly. "I Was Watching My Death" was already a musically mature album by a well experienced band. The album shows large diversity in themes by balancing on the borderline of genres, and creating one whole from thier different characteristics. And they often end up in insane rampaging of course. Even if this style had no lack of high speed, and playing intense is one of it's most important features, compared to others that time, Magnus reached a remarkable level. A very classy classic from old school times!

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