Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Feretrum - From Far Beyond (1992)

   Mediterranean countries were never front-rankers in metal, and extreme metal is even more rare there to appear, but if it appear, it means something extraordinary.
   Not because of the location, but the intensity, temper and the brutal feeling that these bands often have. "From Far Beyond" by Feretrum was a barely known and very aggressive album. It's heaviness was based on the very noisy sounding and the raw themes. These both together created a cold and very unfriendly atmosphere, and the quite insane vocal style and the occasional melodies turned the main view into a sick direction. Feretrum didn't show anything revolutionary, but the feeling of their music was impressive and couldn't be compared to anything else that time. It was like some accidental unique mix of raw brutality and sickness. As one of the lots of forgotten old school death metal bands, Feretrum was probably barely known even in it's homeland, because of the very limited number of tape copies they had. Fortunately few years ago "From Far Beyond" was remastared and re-released, and this deviant, extremely sick album is widely available.

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