Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hexx - Morbid Reality (1991)

   Hexx started in the early '80s as a heavy/power metal band lately influenced by the Bay Area thrash scene. But on their third album they went further and tried themselves in the new and influental extreme musical trends and their music involved more aggressive thrash, and even death metal features.
   The outcome of that change was something unusual, which is out of line of the thrash/death albums that time, even if in style it fits perfectly. On the side of speed they tried to increase the intensity of their music with piling up more themes than they would usually needed. That time it may sounded weird, now it could be called as technical or progressive ambitions. Even if officially "Morbid Reality" is not sorted to the technical thrash or death albums probably because of good reasons, their imaginations showing similarity to that concept. So it could be another way to experiment with producing chaotic music, because in chaos they may found the main intensity that could show something new on the fields of extreme metal.

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