Saturday, June 17, 2017

In Slaughter Natives - Sacrosancts Bleed (1992)

  To introduce darker concepts and feelings through electronic music was nothing new, even if it was clear only before a smaller audience. But if Skinny Puppy and Godflesh wasn't enough impressive, In Slaughter Natives certainly succeeded to impregnate something terrifying into this style.
  As a dark ambient/industrial project, atmosphere had a leading role on the side of disturbing noises to demoralize the listener. Even though this style operates in a different way to earn it's exaggerated effects, the concept is similar like at extreme metal bands, who are into some  horror influenced, blasphemous and Anti-Christian direction. The results are similar too, but in this case it's more like a passive, heavy, pulling off feeling. By the spreading on metal influenced industrial in the early '90s "Sacrosancts Bleed" was noisier and more intense than the previous records were and turned a bit closer to that actual direction. By this act probably the most demoralizing industrial music was born.

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